Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkins and Peanuts

Today is Halloween. It is also marks the anniversary of my move to Peanut Road. Five years I've been here and am likely to stay, come tricks or treats.

This day also marks my father's death, exactly one year before we moved. That event, after five years as his caregiver, is what started me on the quest to find a new home. I'd spent far too much time in Steinhatchee.

So what have I accomplished here? Not as much as I had envisioned; life kind of rolled up my blueprints and whacked me about the head with them. But I'm doing other things and that's good too.

Here I am, starting another year on Peanut Road. Things will happen, life will go one, etc. Maybe I'll do something or maybe I'll do something else.

Maybe it will even rain occasionally this next year.

* * *

Tucky, being a smart doggy, picked up on the pet door idea right away and is in and out quite a bit. My home-made cloth flaps are not holding up well to the traffic, not to mention letting in more cool air than I would prefer. I've ordered a manufactured door and will install that when it arrives.

The cat has not used the door since the first day I cut the hole. Why, I don't know, as she always liked getting inside whenever she could!

* * *

Work progresses on getting 'Dreamwinds' ready to publish. I've designed the covers (roughly mocked up at this point, finished versions later) and am progressing on the interior art. That entails one full page drawing, probably to be used as a frontispiece, and somewhere around eight to twelve half-page illustrations.

Also to the point where I'm auditioning fonts. The EPUB version will get boring Times New Roman, probably, or maybe Garamond. There's no point in worrying since the readers can change it to whatever they want. The print and PDF versions are another matter. I want something with a hint of the antique for this book. The Dominican font I'm using on the cover is great but not really suited for the text, even for poetry.

I fooled around some with a Kindle version of 'Pieces of the Moon' and was not satisfied with the way it looked nor the whole Amazon store idea. So I deleted the project there and will most likely not pursue the Kindle idea further.

EPUB and PDF are enough. There is some adult language in 'Pieces' so it's always possible that it could be rejected by some retailers of ebooks. This will not be a problem with 'Dreamwinds.'

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