Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Some Publishing Notes

So, 'The Middle of Nowhere' is on the virtual shelves and in Books in Print. A printed copy is on the way and I will wait until I have it in my hand before announcing it to the public. Or not announcing it if something is wrong!

BTW, now that I have three titles available I no longer call it 'self-publishing.' I've moved up to 'indie publishing!'

I did revert to a slightly more conservative style guide towards the end. It may not be the Chicago Manual but it's closer. I decided it might be better for the impression we make with our first novel at Arachis Press. Not that I expect anyone much to read it.

Incidentally, the retail price of 'The Middle of Nowhere' is set at $12.50 for the print version.

* * *

One little 'problem' I had to fix in the final edits was the quotation marks. Not how they were used but how they looked. I find that WordPad, which I used for my early drafts, produces those straight up-and-down typewriter-style marks for both opening and closing quotations and they were carried over when I pasted into Word Perfect.

That is not necessarily a problem, in and of itself, but it looked better and more professional when I changed them all. This, in turn, did change the spacing again so I had to readjust that and, last of all, I had to recheck all the end-of-line hyphenations.

I do not think I will write any more novels in WordPad, even if it is nice for jotting down notes.

Also, when I first wrote it, the spaces between 'scenes' had some asterisks in them as a divider. I think I should have left them in but it's too late to worry about that now. They would 'hold' the spaces if they come at a page break. Something to keep in mind for the next book!

* * *

I'll need to think more thoroughly about e-book versions of my stuff from here out. Lulu no longer automatically uses the press-ready PDF to make a PDF e-book, so I can have some differences between the two now, like embedding my cover art. If I'd known of the change, I'd have done a separate version of 'The Middle.' But what I have available is quite okay.

TMON might also be just the perfect choice to experiment with an EPUB version. I'll have to reformat it a good bit and save as Rich Text to convert properly. Unfortunately, Word Perfect is infamously bad for doing that sort of thing -- the very aspects of the program that make it so nice for formatting cause it to put out some strange code that doesn't transfer over well to some other applications.

I'm not sure about going with distribution to iBooks and Barnes & Noble but I can certainly sell through Lulu. I wouldn't use up an ISBN for Lulu-only (including my PDF versions) but would have to allot one if I distributed elsewhere.

I'm also going to look into getting it on Kindle. It seems to be simple enough, as well as free. (Though PDFs will display okay on Kindle readers.) Unfortunately, there are loads of 'spam' books at Amazon's Kindle store, stuff that repeats the same text over and over under different titles and authors and is often plagiarized.

The other books -- the poetry and picture books -- aren't as well suited to e-book formatting so I'll just continue to offer them as PDFs, most likely. Which I should redo, eventually. Lulu actually generated an EPUB of the poetry book (from my PDF) a while back but I didn't like the look and didn't allow it to be marketed.

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