Wednesday, October 26, 2011


On to other projects lately, not that the last ones don't need continued attention. Right now I'm making an effort to update the website -- pretty much redo a good portion of it, actually. I hadn't done any work on it since August, what with being kept busy elsewhere and not having a very good internet   connection.

Also, because the web site software I use does not work on the newer computer. Not because it's Windows 7 but because of the 64 bit bit. I do most of my graphics work as well as getting on line with it, so it would have been nice if I could also update the site from it. Oh well, I'm working with the older PC and thinking about alternatives down the line.

My other project right now is getting the next book together, the often-promised poetry title. I'm putting it into shape and working on the illustrations. The name will be 'Dreamwinds' and it will focus on the more Gothicky and Romantic stuff. It should be a somewhat thicker book than 'Pieces of the Moon.'

So, here's a preview of one of the pictures I've finished (in somewhat lo-rez form). It's titled 'Storm-lost' and was done in my typical pen and ink technique of little dots and squigglies.

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