Monday, October 24, 2011

Why Publish?

Reasons I started my own publishing company:

1) I have creative control over my own product and the abilities to make use of it. Input from others is welcome and useful but I ultimately decide.

2) This also leads to saved time, as I can see the project right through with minimal dependance on or interference from others.There is no waiting on other people's decisions.

3) Financial questions become much less important as there is a smaller investment both at the start and over time. My own time and effort is most of what goes into these projects.

If you have the desire to do the same, the necessary artistic talent to design a book, and are willing to put in the work, I would recommend taking control of your own publishing. Some would prefer not to take on these responsibilities themselves. That is quite understandable.

Would I be willing to take on and publish work by others? Possibly. Probably, even, in time. I'm still finding my legs at the moment but if an interesting project were presented to me, who knows?

* * *

I hit 6000 views at the Lucky Lad last night. That's not a lot by some folks' standards but not bad for me. Especially considering I had very little readership not long ago. I suppose it's because I update a lot these days. Even if it is no more than my trivial thoughts!

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