Friday, November 11, 2011

Books New and Old, and Getting Cold

I uploaded all three versions of 'Dreamwinds' today and the ebook versions -- EPUB and PDF -- are ready for purchase. I need to finish up the cover for the print edition and then it, too, should be available.

However, I won't announce it as such until I have a copy in my hands and make sure it's correct! The cover art is ready, it simply needs to be positioned properly on a template and a bar code added for the ISBN. I'll have that done pretty quickly.

* * *

We're due for our first freeze of the season tonight and it looks like a serious one. Not one of those little just-down-to-32-or-so events, but well into the twenties. Good thing I finally got around to clearing a space in the carport for the truck.

Not to mention putting in a pet door for Tucky and Molly. Fortunately, the weather is projected to warm right back up and be in the 80s by midweek.

* * *

I've been considering illustrating and publishing an occasional title from the public domain. This is something I've mentioned before, in particularly concerning the work of Lord Dunsany.

But it is true that Dunsany's work is all in copyright in most of the world. The exception would be anything published before 1923 which, in the United States, is considered to be in the public domain.

So, even if I can legally put out an edition of, say, 'The Gods of Pegana,' I could only sell it here in the USA. Moreover, I would have some ethical concerns if the copyright is still protected in much of the world.

Therefore, I should consider authors from further back -- there are certainly plenty available!

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