Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dreamwinds Update

Chances are I'll get the formatted version of 'Dreamwinds' uploaded to the printer this weekend. Maybe not the cover, but that should be ready very soon, as well. The book should be on sale by Thanksgiving. As before, I will have print, PDF and EPUB versions available. And, as before, I definitely recommend the PDF over the EPUB, as it is an illustrated book of poetry.

Whether the EPUB edition will go to Barnes and Noble and so on is a bit uncertain at the moment. I'm still waiting to see if my EPUB editions of 'The Middle of Nowhere,' 'Pieces of the Moon,' and 'A Tale of Two Turkeys' meet with the approval of the big online sellers. If they are accepted to show up at B & N and at the ibookstore, I'll keep submitting ebooks to them, using Lulu as my distributer.

The distribution is free, for now. If that changes, or if my efforts are turned down for some reason, I might not continue nor bother to allot ISBNs to the EPUB editions. I would, however, continue to put out EPUB versions for sale through my own store and website.

addendum: Pieces of the Moon, The Middle of Nowhere and the free short story, A Tale of Two Turkeys, are available at the iBookstore so it looks like the EPUB thing is a go, at least for now.

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