Sunday, November 13, 2011

Number Four

My fourth book at Arachis Press, 'Dreamwinds,' is now published, though it won't be officially announced until I have a print copy in my hands. That should be in a week or so, most likely.

It is a 68 page chapbook of my more 'fantastic' poems (mostly), in a saddle stitch format. My feeling was that the staples were preferable for a book this size and it will let me pass on some savings to the buyers.

There will be buyers, right?

After uploading my files, I realized I had failed to make a note in the book of my font usage, something I normally like to mention. For anyone who is interested, the typeface used for all interior text is Venetian301 Dm BT in a variety of sizes. It seemed suitable for the look of the book, being a somewhat modern (from the 1920s) take on a Rennaisance design. The cover uses Dominican, an 'antique' font -- antique referring to its appearance, not its actual age!

The next project is the revised edition of my first poetry chapbook, 'Pieces of the Moon.' I have already had the EPUB revised version on sale for a few days; the PDF and print editions will be up when I get to it. Before the end of the year, I'm sure.

I probably never would have gotten started on this -- or at least jumped in so thoroughly -- were it not that my current situation makes other artistic endeavours difficult-to-impossible to pursue. So I finally gave up any immediate plans for recording or such and decided to give my full attention to writing and publishing.

This is sort of what I do anyway: get totally involved in one thing to the exclusion of all else!

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