Monday, November 21, 2011

Print, Prayers, Politicos

My print copy of 'Dreamwinds' looks pretty decent. I can see that 68 pages is getting close to the limit for a stapled chapbook. I do not think I would want to make it any thicker, although Lulu will go up to 88 pages. At 48 pages, 'Pieces of the Moon' works fine in the saddle-stitch format.

So if I create more chapbooks, I'll limit myself to perhaps no more than 60. Or put them out with a perfect-bound spine. Would they still be chapbooks then?

The mostly-black cover, although attractive, does show any scuffs. That's something I'll need to keep an eye on for any copies I sell directly. Maybe I should slip each copy into a plastic bag for protection.

But until I can travel again, that's moot. Someday I'll be out doing readings and such. I do pretty good readings, if I do say so myself. Ha, I should get busy on recording a few.

The pen and ink interior illustrations are serviceable. I didn't do anything very ambitious or very original. The next project may require a little more of me! Btw, 'pen and ink' usually means using a technical pen, the sort a draftsman might employ. Or did before everyone started using CAD.

* * *

Speaking of the next project, it probably will not be the Song of the Sun book I mentioned a while back but something similar -- an illustrated version of The Prayer of St Francis (which, as you may know, has absolutely nothing to with Francis of Assisi). I did a translation from the French for myself a few years back and I think I will try to work up some art to go with it. Perhaps an art nouveau look, as it dates from around that period.

I'll do other similar projects if it works out. I'm thinking that I might give away the ebook versions of the public domain stuff, at least the religious books -- it's a bit of advertising -- and charge minimally for the print editions. Maybe just sell them at cost.

* * *

On a completely different note, I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the Republican debates and candidates at this point. It does look like they are well on their way to nominating Barry Goldwater again.

That is in terms of electability, not integrity! Half the field, or better, seem pretty flawed human beings. Ron Paul may be an okay and honorable guy but he's trying to bring back a past that can not work in today's world.

In honesty, there is only one man there for whom I could see voting and that is Jon Huntsman. Yeah, the most moderate candidate in the field. Of course, he doesn't stand a chance in today's atmosphere but maybe we should watch for him four years down the road. He's certainly likeable enough and he seems to understand how things work.

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