Thursday, November 03, 2011

Racing and Reality

Okay, I’m not a true redneck... I hate Nascar. Always have. It’s not that I dislike racing; at one time I was quite the fan of the sports car circuit, formula one, all of that. Nascar has always had a certain meaningless quality about it. It was created purely as entertainment and has no true relationship to the real automotive world. Sort of the racing equivalent of pro wrestling.

Of which I was a fan, but that’s something to write about some other day.

I’m not suggesting Nascar is fake; obviously it isn’t. However, its rules serve to make exciting racing, not prove anything about automotive design. I’d much rather see “real” cars going around a track. In other words, I’m a bit of a sports car snob. Or was, at one time. These days, cars don’t mean that much to me; my truck gets me where I want to go. It’s just a tool, a piece of metal.

Though if someone was willing to buy me a new Mustang, I might change my mind.

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