Tuesday, November 22, 2011


"... a book, once it is printed and published, becomes individual. It is by its publication as decisively severed from its author as in parturition a child is cut off from its parent. The book 'means' thereafter, perforce, — both grammatically and actually, — whatever meaning this or that reader gets out of it." ~ James Branch Cabell*

I'm somewhat inclined to agree, although that won't keep generations of literature students trying to figure out authors' motives and writing convoluted theses on the subject.

Such as my friend Amy, whom I dated a while in the early 00s while she was working on her Doctoral thesis. I have a draft copy of it here still: 'From Development to Deconstruction: The Contemporary Female Kunstlerroman.' With which I would probably disagree if I understood any of it. :)

I haven't seen nor really even been in touch with Amy in some time. Not since moving to Peanut Road -- when I was in Steinhatchee, day trips to the Tampa area were possible. So life goes. I may eventually contact her, as we wrote a song together years ago and I've always intended to record it. I would need to tie up a few minor legalities first.

At any rate, I suspect that she will turn up as a source of material in future fiction. So I won't go into her personality or life story here! Since becoming Doctor Amy, she has moved on to other places, other things. That was inevitable and I have wished her nothing but success and happiness.

Well, happiness is a relative matter, as we both had long histories of depression and anxiety. Though we are different in many ways, we could vent to each other about our disappointments and problems.

So be it. Things will remain the same until they change. That's all we can ever say for sure.

* Cabell is a favorite author. Light and breezy fantasy on the surface but whole loads of depth in the, uh, depths.

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