Thursday, November 03, 2011

To Bed

We'll be switching back from Daylight Saving Time this weekend. I've expressed my disdain for the whole concept before so I won't go into that again. It doesn't impact me much anyway, as I rise with the sun and go to bed when I'm sleepy.

I'm putting some of my projects to bed as well. I have an EPUB-source version of my YA novel, 'The Middle of Nowhere,' worked up and will get it converted and should have it for sale at Lulu shortly. Elsewhere (ibooks, B&N) later, if it meets their formatting requirements. I had to rework the 'Pieces of the Moon' EPUB a teensy and resubmit it, as it had a problem. It does remain available at my showcase store at Lulu, however.

I have also finished the very last of twelve illustrations for 'Dreamwinds' (not counting the covers) and should have that book formatted and ready to go soon. Earlier than I was projecting -- it might be ready for your Christmas shopping after all!

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