Monday, December 19, 2011

Bah! a Poem for the Season


I've spent most of my life
trying to seem cheerful,
and kept my inner Scrooge
where no one could see.

Now I'm the crusty codger
and the cranky curmudgeon,
the crotchety old crackpot
I'd always longed to be.

I can greet the Christmas season
with a 'bah!' and a 'humbug!'
and nobody expects
any different from me.

I buy no presents these days
nor stamps to put on cards;
I've become a grumbling grouch,
a grinch who steals your tree.

When Santa came to visit
he found no cookies here --
I locked him in the basement
and threw away the key.

No tinsel hanging anywhere,
no holly, no mistletoe;
I finally have created
a zone that's Yultide-free.

Releasing old Ebenezer
was truly a relief,
So now that miserable miser
is out for all to see!

Stephen Brooke ©2011

Doggerel for the season...hey, there's just a little too much jolliness out there at times!

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