Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fast Away...

So, another year on this trip from here to there. I've had worse, I've had better. Ha, that's the advantage of having some really bad years -- the mediocre ones look good in comparison!

And I did accomplish stuff. Getting the publishing thing going was more a matter of being forced to let the rest of my life go on hiatus than any actual plan I had. Heck, I had to do something with my time. Besides worry, that is.

I don't know if I ever would have tackled the book projects if I weren't able to do my own illustrating and design. No claims here of being great at it; just competent enough to do the job. I rather like designing the books, really, but I don't necessarily look forward to doing the illustrations. I'm never completely satisfied with them and suspect I could better utilize my time elsewhere.

That's especially true with the children's books. I am not the sort of 'dynamic' artist needed for those pictures. My work tends to be quite the opposite, in fact, and far too stylized. Being pretty much limited to black and white illustrations is probably to my advantage, however.

Color is expensive in the POD model because the whole book is printed in color, even if there is only one color picture in it! (Not counting the covers here.) I chose to keep 'A Mouse is in the House' all B&W and the price still isn't that competitive with similar books from the big publishers.

Anyway, I do hope to keep releasing titles this coming year. One every quarter would probably be enough work for me, as long as I do it all myself. And depending, of course, on what other duties might need my attention. My mom's care will always be the priority.

I'll admit, I did not expect her to still be with me, not to mention in such apparent good health. Eventually, change must and will come but I am by no means in an hurry.

The turning of the year also means it is time to think about planting in the spring. Time to peruse the nursery catalogs. And, of course, to get all the beds weeded out. February is not too early to be transplanting trees here. Some might be coming out in bloom or leaf by the end of that month. Maybe it will not be so dry this year and I can actually get some stuff to grow well.

This year I will turn 62. Less than four months, now, to the birthday. This means I can and almost certainly will collect my early Social Security. It won't be much but it will be a cushion. If I never make any profit off all these little endeavors of mine, so be it. I won't starve and I own my house.

So, the future doesn't look too bad. But being who I am, I'll grumble anyway!

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