Friday, December 23, 2011

Food and Festivals

Tortillas: I've decided they must be the perfect food. Easy on the tummy, nutritious, simple to fix and tasty. A great choice for vegetarians. I don't know how I missed out on them for so long!

Tasty...tasty to me but I tend to like bland food. Most of the stuff out there is too salty, too sweet, too spicy, too much. Give me a toasted tortilla and I'm fine.

I get -- and, admittedly, eat -- too much of the wrong food at this time of year. People don't know what to send me as a Christmas present so I get food. Candy, cookies -- great for upset tummy, hives, the runs. More than a little of it ends up in the compost. Now that I have dogs around, though, I have to be careful disposing of chocolate.

And meat. Either no one remembers I'm vegetarian or they don't take it seriously. I can at least feed some of this stuff to Mom.

Speaking of Christmas presents, I did intend to send out some autographed copies of my books to family and close friends but 1) decided, for tax/business reasons, not to order any more copies this year and 2) just didn't have the time to package up anything and take it to the post office.

I will stock up some early in the new year for gifts, as well as for possible distribution and direct sales. Who knows, eventually I may be able to get out there and hawk them in person.

And on the subject of 'getting out there,' (one subject just leads to another, doesn't it?) I see that some of the performers at the upcoming 60th Florida Folk Festival (coming in May) have been chosen. I haven't heard from (Mean) Mary yet. Who knows whether I'll have the opportunity to attend this year?

I do know that I will not attend if it means leaving my mother in someone else's care for a day or two. Not because I mistrust any other caregiver but because I will not go off and mingle with large crowds and chance bringing home a cold or worse. It's not worth the risk.

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