Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's Just the Weather (caution: somewhat naughty)


When we're bundled up to our necks
be content with my little pecks,
for it's not my intention to vex
but it's much too cold for sex.

Forgive me if I play hooky
or act like a love-making rookie;
I think you're very good looky --
it's just too cold for nooky.

If I seem cool
don't call me a fool --
It's just the weather, Dear!
Though a man dons
his warm long-johns,
he can still hold you near!

If I'm cold as ice
when I should be nice,
It's just the weather, Love!
My fingers and toes
get as cold as the snows --
don't ask me to take off my gloves!

Though I want you, I really do,
keep your assets out of view;
no reason we both should be blue --
it's far too chilly to screw!

Stephen Brooke ©2011

Another music hall-style ditty. I seem to be having a minor fit of creativity.

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