Saturday, December 10, 2011

No Won's Perfect

Dag-nab it! After all the proof reading I did on 'Dreamwinds,' I just noticed a typo. In most books, that would be expected and no big deal, but it kind of stands out in a small volume of poetry. (Btw, the boo-boo was using "it's" where it should have been "its.") But don't expect a revised edition anytime soon.

I've been looking for places to promote and/or sell the books (and anything else, for that matter) and am considering opening a seller account at Alibris. Not right away, however -- there's no hurry on any of that while I still have so much to do with what I already have. As my connection allows, of course.

I have been able to get in and use GoodReads some. Oddly, the site functions better for me in Internet Explorer than in my usual FireFox, when my connection isn't very good. Which is most of the time. So apparently it's not something that's actually missing in the FireFox browser, as it works fine at times, but some component that isn't making proper contact when the connection is slow.

Speaking of slow connections and display, I've been visiting some sites that use the @fontface protocol to display 'non-standard' typefaces and it is extremely slow to load the correct fonts for me. Sometimes, they never load at all. Not the way to go, I think, if one wants to make sure things display properly.

The only really dependable way to do that is to convert the fonts to graphics. Yeah, that will be slow too but it will at least look right. Like the 'Kelmscott' font I used on that graphic-plus-story 'Cliffs' I posted a few days ago.

* * *

I'm going to pretty much skip Christmas, I suppose. I won't put up a tree as I wouldn't trust Mom near it. And she doesn't really have the ability to keep track of the date or season anymore. It's to the point where she doesn't know me most of the time either.

Life has become pretty much endless frustration. I'd be sure to get depressed if I weren't already. On that subject, after ten years of using the St John's Wort my DO recommended (rather than going to prescription stuff), I thought it was time to cycle off and see how I did. So...four months without and, to be honest, I don't know if it makes any difference to my 'mood' BUT my migraines came back. Yep, after having ten years of freedom from the headaches I'd had as far back as I can remember. Needless to say, I'm back on the Wort and will probably remain so.

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