Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Panderer, a song lyric


I'm just a pimp, parading
my songs before the Johns,
pandering to their dreams
of no more lonely dawns.
They take one up to her room,
listen to her come-ons,
leave part of themselves on the dresser --
in the morning she'll be gone.

Professional liar,
that's who I am --
running a scam.
I'll make you think
I give a damn --
each emotion
is a sham.

I tart up all my offerings,
make each hard to ignore;
that will pull them back,
they'll crave them as before.
Their sexy lingerie
is a rag and nothing more;
no one looks too closely
when they're with a whore.

Stephen Brooke ©2011

Each of us has a bit of self-loathing built in. I decided to dig into mine a bit to create this character. That's who sings my songs -- not me, but the characters I create.

Recognizing the fact that we are essentially actors when we write (or perform) gives us the freedom to distance ourselves from our material, even when it sometimes seems agonizingly personal! It lets us say what we need to say.

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