Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Seeing Stars

Not surprisingly, when I 'reviewed' my own books at Good Reads I gave them five stars. That was just to get the ball rolling and, of course, to let folks know I value my work.

Honestly, though, if they were by some other author they would probably receive three or four stars. I don't think any of my titles are duds but I don't deceive myself that they are masterpieces, either.

My very best work is yet to come. I have improved as a writer of fiction, as a poet. I have greatly improved as a non-fiction author since last I had a print magazine article published. That was so long ago I was still using a typewriter!

There will be more books with my name on them this coming year, at least as illustrator. With any luck, some I've written as well. A sequel to 'The Middle of Nowhere?' Maybe, maybe, but not right away. Another volume of poetry? Quite possible.

There will almost certainly be a book or two for the children. That's where my concentration is at the moment, as artist -- the texts are there already.

And they all will, of course, receive five gold stars from me!

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