Friday, December 16, 2011

That Comic Font

Comic Sans -- the font everyone (well, almost everyone) hates and everyone has. Being installed almost universally and being a quite legible font for online applications, it does get used.  But let's face it, Comic is somewhat ugly and may imply a certain tastelessness in its users.

Especially when combined with garish colors!

The one place I might use Comic? As really small text online. It's surprisingly readable as small as 8 point and looks better when reduced in size, as well -- less cartoony and more script-like. Still, I'd probably choose Verdana for pretty much any type that small.

Not that I ever go smaller than 10 pt on my own sites. There is no reason to strain folks' eyes and it doesn't cost anything to have a larger page!

If I needed a Comic-like typeface I would probably opt for Dom Casual. It may not as suitable for on-screen readability but is decidedly better looking as a display font.

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