Sunday, December 04, 2011


For three days straight, GoodReads has proven unusable for me. I feel like quitting the site when it's like this -- can't edit anything, can't rate anything.

This is, no doubt, in part the fault of my bad connection, although more and more sites are becoming unfriendly to users like me. We're a pretty small minority anymore so who cares if we can't use them?

So it's also poor functionality and design at their end. MySpace, of course, has been that way for quite some time. I haven't been able to really use it since last year. This is why I try to keep my own site as user-friendly and as quick-loading as I can manage, with a minimum of Flash and graphics.

Oh well, I'll probably stick with them and even add the rest of my titles. When I can. If I can.

Maybe the ebook versions too, or even upload copies to the site. Theoretically, I can sell them from there but since they are already at Lulu and B&N and the iBookstore, there's not much sense in it. I've looked at other spots to sell but they don't seem particularly attractive. And I checked out CDBaby's ebook site, BookBaby, which seems very much a rip-off.

I'm somewhat inclined to look on epub and mobi ebooks as sort of the equivalent of music mp3s. An inferior version of the product, the sort of thing one might give away to attract attention to the other work.

I guess the PDF, done with high-quality images, fonts, etc. could be seen as an analog of a wav. file, then. And the print book, of course, is the CD. Ha, and both seem to be becoming obsolete!

By the way, I should mention that my books would make exceptional Christmas gifts. Still time to order!

Or, if you would prefer something to wear, drop by

Hey, I'm trying to make a living here, y'know? ;)

addendum: I finally was able to get into GR and take care of business and updates this afternoon. Who knows whether it will work the next time I visit?

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