Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Words and Weather

Finally, I put together the revised versions of 'Pieces of the Moon' and created two PDFs -- one for sale as an ebook, the other a press-ready version for the print edition. I'll be uploading and finalizing them soon, as my connection allows. There's no substantial difference between these and the older versions, just some updating. Btw, the revised version has been available as EPUB for a while now but I didn't want to step on the heels of 'Dreamwinds' by putting these out too soon.

* * *

I've been devoting some time to working on the next 'book' of 'The Song of the Sword.' The novel, when finished, should contain three books, each a separate episode -- novellas, essentially -- in the story. I finished Book 1, probably to be titled 'Sons,' some time back and am working on Book 2, 'Daughters,' now.

I do not outline, exactly, but I do like to have a general idea of where I am going, so I write out a sort of synopsis (or 'argument,' I prefer to call it) noting the things I want to include. It lets me work out the relationships and subplots. There are a fair number of both.

The framework is taking shape. Probably the biggest decision I have yet to make is as to what sort of attempt(s) will be made on the protagonist's life -- so far we've tried to throw him over the castle wall and attacked him with wild dogs.

Fortunately, he survived or I wouldn't be writing the second book.

I've been told that my fiction reads like plays. Probably so, with lots of dialog and a definite division into 'scenes.' Ha, there are even musical numbers. 'The Song of the Sword' really is a song.

* * *

Looks like a warm Christmas weekend coming up. Pretty mild early Winter so far (as I've grumbled before, I do not consider the Solstice the beginning of the season but, rather, the middle). Unfortunately, the high pressure systems that have been keeping the cold air away -- only two freezing mornings so far -- also keep the precipitation levels down.

Will this be a more-or-less permanent result of the warmer climate? Will we always be drier? Do I need to plant yucca and cactus?

addendum, the following morning: So it poured rain all night! Welcome rain!

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