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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Banjos and Other Things

I've been enjoying the new Banjo DVD and instruction/tab book from the Mean niece, 'The Sparrow and the Hawk.' It's officially out next week but I received an advanced copy. Pretty cool, though of course I'll never even attempt any of the songs in it. Five-stringing of that sort is just not my thing.

I'm much better off strumming rhythms on my plectrum 'jo. The set is available at the Mean Mary site and will also be in some music stores, as well as at the Deering Banjo site now that she's an official 'Good Time Gal.'

* * *

As the election season gathers steam, I once again see the misuse of the term Socialist, by people on both sides of the political spectrum. Socialism isn't about sharing the wealth, folks, it's about the government owning the means of production.

I suppose I've always tended to be a bit of a Distributist myself. The 'Third Way,' if you will. And I suspect so would a lot of other people if it were presented to them.

I know much of Distributist thought is somewhat impractical but that does not prevent its core concept, the distribution of the means of production and of political power to the smallest possible units, from still being relevant. Family farms, small businesses, local governments. This also sounds a lot like some of the 'Key Values' of the Green Party, doesn't it?

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