Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Until, oh maybe seven years ago, I had never gone into a bar except as a performer (or support for a performer). And aside from those two or three times, I haven't since. I'm not a bar person.

Not because I don't drink but because it's expensive and, well, kind of boring. I would never have gone in if my date didn't want to. I can sit at home with a glass of wine and a book and be much better entertained. With or without a date.

Having fun has never been much fun for me. I admittedly enjoy working more than relaxing. Shoot, I even tend to be jealous of the time I might spend on a relationship. So much to do!

* * *

I'm slooowwwwly updating my Insolent Lad Emporium at Cafe Press. The interface there is not friendly to my dial-up connection but it's getting done bit by bit. I'm finishing the consolidation of all my old stores into the one new shop. Eventually I'll attempt to get the new designs up too.

* * *

The passing of my brother-in-law Bill James serves to remind me that I will be losing my mother. How soon? Only God knows; Mom is 93 now but in surprisingly good physical health. That's a year and change older than Bill was.

It's a bit regrettable that Bill never got around to writing a memoir. Perhaps Jeanne has enough material from listening to his stories to attempt something. He certainly had an interesting life (including a career as a safecracker).

But back to my mom: she continues to drift further into dementia. I assure you that it hurts when she asks me who I am. It's like losing a loved one over again each day.

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