Sunday, January 01, 2012


Being active in poetry criticism is one of the best ways to carve out an idea of poetry firm enough to stand up to the public demands of a career as a poet. ~ Annie Finch

This would, of course, apply to any of the arts. Shoot, it would apply to ditch-digging. It's one of the reasons I write reviews -- to get my thoughts straight about why I like or dislike something and apply it to my own work.

I'll admit it: I've written my share of 'puff' reviews of work by friends. But if I truly disliked any of it, I would have declined to write a review at all. It's a good exercise to dig in and find just what aspects are worthy of compliment. Ignoring, of course, the weak points or, at least, glossing over them.

Chances are I'm a little too nice most of the time anyway. It's not really in me to savage other folks' work. I respect anyone who is willing to do anything and put it out there.

The exception being those who rub me the wrong way by espousing a viewpoint I find morally repugnant. If you are evil, I will say so. And then come burn down your village. :D

By the way, I do maintain a little review site/blog where I occasionally post:

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