Friday, January 06, 2012

Dogs, Degrees, Deciduous

The little Jack Russell from next door thinks he lives here now. As soon as his people leave for work, he's over here to hang with Tucky for the day. It didn't take him long to follow her through the pet flap!

And he doesn't want to go home in the evening. I pretty much have to set him on the porch and lock the doggy door behind him or he'd be here all night.


Despite a reading of 19 degrees on my carport thermometer on Wednesday morning, it's still the mildest winter I've had here. So far...and we're moving into mid-January, the statistically coldest time of the year, with no freezing temperatures in the ten-day forecast.

This is my sixth winter on Peanut Road and I've managed to get the place a little better weather-proofed each year. Just finished stuffing insulation into all the eaves around the music room before the cold air arrived; it's temporary but it helps. Eventually, some sort of sound treatment, whether foam or fiberglass, will cover those areas.

I do intend to spend more time in there this year. Maybe even use it for music.


To my surprise, my nursery order already arrived. Being trees/bushes, I suppose I could plant them right now -- or 'heel' them in for a month or so. Willows, 'Rose of Sharon' hibiscus, pecans. Time to get busy. And to make sure I have protection around all of them so the dogs won't dig them out and/or gnaw them off.

Oh, and the 'free' trees that usually come with an order were maples this time. I've not had much success with them here before but I guess there's a first time for everything. I'll plant them in a group where it's shadier and I can care for them properly and in a couple years, if they survive, I can transplant them somewhere far from the house. Or give them to someone.

I received green ash a couple years ago -- they're great for placement somewhat close to the house, medium height with a high crown to shade the roof and room for under-story trees like redbuds below them. They do like lots of water, though!

As long as I'm getting onto all these, I suppose it's time to start transplanting the rest of the peaches and mulberries and wild cherries and seedling pears too. Writing may take a back seat for a while.

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