Thursday, January 05, 2012

In Print

I have created a catalog for Arachis Press, in PDF form. I consider this no more than a 'sketch' for things to come, but it can be downloaded/seen at if you have any interest.

I found that I could not get Myriad -- my first choice font for this catalog -- to embed in PDFs in either of the two programs I normally use. Subsequent research shows this is a common problem and Adobe's Minion may act the same.

No problem. I have plenty of replacements. Humanist 777 (from Bit Stream) is a rather similar Frutiger-like font, though I actually ended up using one of my long-time favorites, Humanist 521.

In other publishing news, I fixed two typos I found in 'Dreamwinds' and uploaded new versions for print and PDF. If you already purchased a copy, you now have a collector's item. ;)

The EPUB version, however, has not been changed as it would require going through the whole acceptance procedure at Apple and Barnes & Noble again. If I can live with a missing 'n' and a misplaced apostrophe, so can you all.

I'll have print copies on hand in a few days for direct distribution. Not that I can actually get out and distribute.

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