Saturday, January 14, 2012

Little Bits of News

If anyone had a problem with the link in the last post, I rechecked and it does work. I'd hazard that the server on their end is fussy so it might be simpler to just go to and navigate to the article from there.


Mean Mary James will be at the Florida Folk Festival again this year. I hadn't heard or seen anything on her schedule but have been assured she is performing. Not that I'm likely to get over there myself. She'll have new CDs and stuff with her.


So, yet another ex-girlfriend has turned up and become a facebook-friend. I may need a 'friends' category just for them. It's nice to know they all still like me anyway. That, of course, is because I have such excellent judgement when it comes to women. :D

Unfortunately, they also had excellent judgement when it comes to men...

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