Friday, January 27, 2012


I've figured out that Tucky doesn't want in my mom's room when it thunders. She wants to be in whatever room my mom is in.

Obviously, she doesn't think Mom is going to protect her so I assume it's the other way around -- she's looking to protect Mom. It's her herding instincts taking over. Has to make sure her flock is all together and safe!

A pretty massive front passed through the area yesterday but we avoided any heavy storm activity here on Peanut Road. Just plenty of welcome rain, though it might have been better to have it spread out over a longer period.

It'll help what I've planted so far grow, anyway. I've ordered fencing to protect my trees and won't put any more into the ground until it arrives. The dogs just like to chew on a stick and it sometimes turns out to be one I planted!

A bed full of dogs at four in the morning,
they jump on me without warning!
Lick my ears, lick my nose,
lick any body part that shows
above the covers, so pull them high...
I'll get up, doggies, by and by!

I left the flap open last night and Tucky's little buddy came over to visit from next door way too early. Oddly, I'd dreamed earlier in the night that a very large orange cat had come in and was perched on the end of my bed. Then all its fur fell out...I guess I've been cleaning up enough shed hair lately that it's getting to me.

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