Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stuff, On Line and Off

All the writing/illustrating projects I've mentioned have been pushed aside temporarily, as I have been working up new designs for The Insolent Lad Emporium, my shop at Cafe Press.

Since I am creating these on my computer, rather than a drawing board, it's easier to work on them at the moment. Once I expand back into my studio area, come warmer weather, that will change. In the mean time, I have three new designs to upload and more in the development stage. Not to mention that I need to revise the stuff I have at CP -- I still have some 'basic' shops with designs that should either be jettisoned or moved to the main Emporium store.

I shouldn't ignore the shop. I really make more money there than anywhere else and there is loads of room for more merchandise. At any rate, watch for announcements when I get the new graphics up. Mostly for tee shirts, maybe some posters, mugs, etc.  We'll see what fits where.

* * *

Now and again, I try to check my Twitter account. It's pretty much useless and unusable with my connection. I can sort of follow others there but forget about me posting or anything like that. As with MySpace, it just hasn't been used the past year.

* * *

I've taken to sometimes specifying Tahoma as body text font at my sites. It was designed to be the same size as Arial and Helvetica but is more readable on a computer screen. It is quite  widely installed on computers but, for some reason, not used that much on line. If the viewer does not have Tahoma installed, it should display their default sans font, in most cases Arial, so everything should still fit and look right.*

It might be noted, though, that all the Windows Vista and 7 machines have the newer 'Clear Type' fonts installed so more and more of those who visit our sites can use Calibri or Segoe UI or such. These are, on whole, nicer looking fonts than the old standards. Calibri is certainly an improvement on Arial!

I'm not ready to attempt any @font-face sort of font embedding at this point. The whole process seems too much trouble. If I have a document that calls for uncommon fonts, I'll put it up as a PDF.

  *Strictly speaking, Tahoma is just a teensy wider than Arial (as is Bit Stream's Helvetica clone, Swiss721) but unless you have extremely long lines it's not enough to  make a noticeable difference.

* * *

It's been rather spring-like so I've been doing spring-like chores around the place. Spring cleaning and moving of furniture...some of that, but I intend to hold off for a month or so on most of it.

Outdoors, I've been transplanting, cutting, etc. Moved all the mulberries, working on the peaches. Got all my hedge plants in place. Pecans and willows are in the ground. Pears and cherries later.

And I bought a good-sized chain saw. I'm making space for the trees I actually want. Actually, I'll just ring the big oaks and leave them up for the woodpeckers to play with. The biggest oak, though, is probably too much for me to tackle and too close to the house to chance it anyway.

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