Saturday, January 07, 2012


I do not quite understand why those who continually harp on people taking responsibility for themselves and the government having less of a role in our lives are also often anti-union. Unions ARE people taking care of themselves.

One of the worst things that ever happened to labor in this country was for it to be co-opted by the government. Unions lost some of their independence and much of their reason for existence as more of their demands were made into law.

But the very worst thing was the movement, endorsed by both major political parties, to a free trade economy. That's a done deal now -- the world economy is here to stay and we must learn to work with it.

The answer must be strong international unions and political parties that are willing to accept and support their existence. They are the needed counterbalance to international corporations. Not just labor unions, either; anything that can organize people to fight for themselves is welcome.

'Special interest groups' some would call them, but they are unions too. Consumer unions. AARP would certainly qualify. Yes, all you senior citizens, if you belong to AARP you are essentially union members. You recognize the value of organization.

So why do those who call for people to take more personal responsibility so dislike it when they organize for just that purpose? Well, everyone has an inner hypocrite but I suspect it's also just sloppy thinking. There's a lot of that going around, you know.

By the way, speaking of hypocrisy, I decided to put my money where my, ah, pen is and have not shopped at Wal-mart in something like a year. Not only to support smaller local businesses but also in protest of their labor practices. It won't matter to them but I feel better for it.


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