Friday, February 17, 2012

Books and Beds

I noted the results of a poll at GoodReads concerning how readers there find new books. It seems that most GoodReads members get book recommendations from their friends, either on GoodReads or off. Very few members rely on Twitter or FaceBook to hear about new books. Word of mouth and recommendations also seem to keep books going that have had an otherwise temporary boost from some sort of exposure or promotion in the media.

I had already concluded that FaceBook is not a particularly good place to promote oneself. Blogs and YouTube are more effective -- they can draw viewers to your content in a way that social networking sites don't.

What is FB good for then? Well, to provide news to those who have already discovered your work, whether that work be books, music, art or whatever. Don't expect to draw in a lot of new fans via your page, however.

If I had fast and reliable enough a connection to upload videos, I'd probably have some sort of book trailers up at YouTube. But that's unworkable at this point.

* * *

But what is workable right now is my garden! I've been out digging a little most days, getting the beds ready. Seeds are being started in flats, flowers, herbs. I have more bushes and trees on order that should be in by the end of the month.

I'm hoping it doesn't freeze again, naturally. We just had a couple nights of fairly hard freeze but it seems to have done no damage. At this date, we might or might not see more cold; there's no freezing weather in the current ten day forecast so I'm hopeful!

But I do remember March 12, 1993 -- the 'Storm of the Century' that brought lethal floods and even a bit of snow to the Big Bend area where I then lived and heavy ice storms to this Panhandle region. So one should never depend on winter being over in February.

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