Monday, February 27, 2012

Early Morning Rain

Monday morning on Peanut Road and it's still raining. It drizzled all day yesterday -- a cold miserable day, to be sure, but we can use the precipitation. I'll be setting out my garden soon and putting in more trees and bushes as well. No attempt on vegetables this year  but I am going to  have herbs and flowers. Including, I hope, a bed of oregano, which is a perennial, to go along with the rosemary bushes I got started last year.

Now if I can only keep the dogs from assisting me in digging. It turns into doggy daycare around here when their people leave for work -- they know Steve and Tucky will be here.

I continue to create new designs for the Insolent Lad Emporium. Three new ones over the weekend, including the above. They're nothing special, perhaps, but it's better to have plenty of merchandise than too little, unless you are selling a specialized design that only a few would seek anyway -- something created for a club or such. I'm after a wider buying public so the more searchable stuff I have up the better I can attract them.

I'm not forgetting my writing, however. Even worked on one of my short-stories-in-progress yesterday but what I really need to get onto is illustrating one or another of the finished manuscripts. It looks like I might miss my quarterly publishing projection but I will make up for it later -- I do tend to do this stuff in fits.

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Anonymous said...

All this sounds good, Stephen. You are focused on these things that you like to do, and that's sort of how I go about things too, so I know where you are coming from. No matter how small the task, dedication to it will see its completion. The task may be a humble one, but the satisfaction to a quiet and content soul is great.