Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Embracing the Graphic

I love working with vector graphics. It's like sculpting in two dimensions -- you add a little here, take away a little there, until you have just what you want. Or something you're willing to live with.

In that respect, it's more like writing than other forms of graphic art. The process is not unlike what I might do with a poem or a piece of music. That's rather different from painting a picture where experimentation is a more cumbersome (and frustrating) process. You kind of need to know where you are going when you pick up a paint brush.

The first graphic here, the 'Curmudgeon' is something with which I've been doing that sort of experimenting, trying out different looks. I put up an earlier version at FaceBook yesterday but this one is probably the finished product. However, it is, I think, too fussy to work on a tee shirt or such and is unlikely to make it to my store.

But it got me thinking of other 'embracing' ideas and, so, the 'Viking.' This should work fine as a design and I'll be uploading the high-definition version to Cafe Press in a while.

All of this work is done primarily in Corel Draw. I occasionally have to do a little 'photo shop' type of work for which Draw is not suited; then I'll usually take the graphic over to Gimp.

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