Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Face Book and Festivals

As I mentioned a few posts back, I have become somewhat disenchanted about FaceBook and any practical application it might have for promotion. I certainly have no plans to leave it or anything like that but I will probably interact less there than in the past.

Now if I someday manage to get back into music, that might change. I might also use MySpace again, assuming I ever have a decent internet connection -- MS seems, to some degree, to have rebranded itself as a place for musicians and other artists.

This blog -- and my others here at Blogger and at Word Press -- remain the centers of my 'social networking.' They are the best way to get meaningful content up on the internet, content that can be found by search engines.

I do think that FaceBook and similar networking sites will eventually become unnecessary. We will all be networking directly via the apps on our computers or smart phones or whatever we might be using in a few years. In the meantime, I think I need to rethink the use of 'niche' sites such as GoodReads.

These are, I feel, a better place to promote oneself, to be part of a community that is there for, essentially, one reason. Reading and books, in the case of GoodReads. Again, if/when I get back into music I may rejoin such sites as No Depression. I left there because it had become irrelevant to anything I was doing at the time.

And some are just plain useless such as Just Plain Folks. I sure wasted enough time there before I saw the light. There is no point in promoting yourself to people who are there for the same reason as you!

Speaking of getting back in to music, the Will McLean Festival is coming up in a week and an half. I've missed it since my ill-fated attempt to take my mother five years (I think) back. That was one of the first indications that she was slipping into dementia.

Anyway, I will once again skip Wilfest, not only because of my need to care for Mom but also because it is nearly 200 miles further from where I used to live when I attended annually. Just too far for a day trip now.

The Florida Folk Festival, coming up at the end of May, is closer. Still kind of far, though, around 190 miles compared to the 65 I drove from Steinhatchee. Not out of the question for one day but it's very unlikely I will make it. My Mean Niece will, however, be there performing once again. I suspect she'll have some copies of her novel with her if anyone's interested.

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