Wednesday, February 01, 2012

It Feels Like...Florida!

It looks like we are going to have an extremely nice weekend coming up, weather-wise -- warm, sunny, and spring-like. Perfect to visit Florida and hit the beach!

But I'm already in Florida and can't get to the beach so I'll putter around here. My fencing is supposed to come in tomorrow and I'll be putting that up. That's not much of a job; just forming a small fence to go around each tree and some of the other plantings. The rest will continue to have protective milk crates over them.

Today is forecast to be rainy so I'll transplant some more trees. It's also time to fill a few flats with potting soil and start some seeds. Flowers only; I don't have time to do a vegetable garden.

I'd be making my own potting soil from my compost were it not so unbalanced at this time. I had almost no 'green' matter (grass clippings and such) to add to it last year as so little grew! So it's heavy on the manure and such. As soon as I can start mowing I'll work some of that into what I have.

There are plenty of fallen leaves, of course, but those get raked up around the blueberries, elderberries and hazelnuts. I'll have more leaves, too, as I ringed a couple big oaks and they should be dying. That will let in more light to my new trees.

The camelias bloomed beautifully and are now past their prime. With this warm weather it won't be long before other blossoms appear. The pears often bloom in February anyway so I'll expect that to happen soon. Red buds, azaleas -- they'll be coming.

Meanwhile, I'm continuing to add new material at The Insolent Lad Emporium and also getting the store linked up to my own site. When I've finished this -- and it does take time with my connection -- I'll turn my efforts back to the publishing end of things. I really need to get the Arachis Press site set up; right now it's essentially just one page with links to the store at Lulu and to my AP blog (where most of the important info is anyway).

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