Friday, February 03, 2012

Keys and Parrots


It's fresh and wholesome for some,
meals of peas and carrots,
while I'd choose bottles of rum,
a life of Keys and parrots!

They boast of how early they're waking,
how much they can bench and curl,
but I've more interest in making
some winsome wench my girl!

Oh, and then there's meditation,
the level of calm they might reach;
I've come to the same destination
beneath a palm on the beach.

On all these things we must part;
it's simple why this would be:
always the Key to my heart
is bounded by the salt sea.

So, be healthy and work and run
but keep your peas and carrots,
while I grow old in the sun;
I choose Keys and parrots.

Stephen Brooke ©2012

Very much a throwaway written around the 'keys and parrots' phrase -- which might reappear some other day in some other form.

When the inspiration isn't there for deep, meaningful poetry, write light verse. It keeps the brain working and, who knows, it might stimulate something more serious.

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