Saturday, February 11, 2012

Secession, a poem


Should I secede from the Kingdom of Us,
might you send armies to win me back?
I could not stand against your attack;
you know I am not valorous.

Leave me to rule my phantom nation,
receiving embassies who bring
the homage suited to a king,    
before I must resume my station.

This, my illusion, I must keep
for some short while, my night's last dream
where free and bold and strong I seem --
yet I'll awaken from my sleep.

In solitary council may
I vote, in time, this schism's end;
allow our fractured union mend,
let you, as ever, have your way.

Stephen Brooke ©2012

I would have to describe this as rather first draft-ish, essentially an idea (despite being all rhyme-y and everything) but probably not really a finished idea. Oh, I suppose it can stand on its one but I'm not satisfied right now. And I'm the only audience I actually need to please!

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