adventures in dysthymia

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Come, Join Me (a poem)


Come, join me, love, your melody
will find in me its harmony;
your instrument I'll gladly be
as I play you and you play me.

Come, join me, love, beneath the moon,
come share with me your secret tune;
allow our music rise and soon
as one voice will our hearts commune,

and as it surges it will seem
that all past sorrow be but dream.
Come, join me, love, we'll craft a theme
of cricket chorus and moonbeam,

to hold all that for which we long;
come, join me, love, in this our song.

Stephen Brooke ©2012

One of those pieces I have dabbled at for years and finally finished. Sort always, pretty much anything I post here should be considered 'early draft.'

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