Friday, March 16, 2012

Everyone Lies, a song lyric

Everyone Lies

Everyone lies,
everyone lies,
but everyone hopes
to believe.
Everyone cries,
everyone cries,
everyone's heart
is naive.

No one denies,
no one denies
Everyone's heart
must grieve.
But everyone tries,
everyone tries,
everyone tries,
to believe.

I commit to nothing,
losing everything;
wind has carried off
each word I would sing.
Grief is but another
word the dawn may bring;
sunrise seems a bauble
hanging from a string.

Leave me by the roadside,
emptied of the day;
look toward your horizon
as you drive away.
Not one backward glance,
not one thought to stay;
I commit to nothing,
nothing more to say.

Everyone lies...

I can not be anyone  
other than this man;
last word of each story
you and I began.
Lost now in the mirror
you hold in your hand;
ghost appearing if you
whisper your command.

Stephen Brooke ©2012

Still a bit rough as a song -- the words are all pretty much there but the exact order and repeats and instro breaks and so on are pretty much up in the air. Fairly obviously more in the rock vein, metal-y even. Might switch the order of second and third verses. Or might not.  Worth working on the music? I don't know.

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