Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Gifts of Spring

My online presence has been minimal recently, not only because my internet connection continues to be unreliable and slow but also because I've needed to keep my one land-line open for use as an actual telephone. I have to admit, that satellite internet is looking more and more desirable.

Plenty to keep me busy offline, however. Too much to keep me busy maybe, indoors and out. Mom, of course, is my priority and requires a fair amount of my time.

It's been a nice Spring. Dry season is setting in, no doubt, and watering regularly is also going to be a time consumer. So far, everything I've planted is holding up well. We'll see how it goes when the really hot and dry weather gets here.

The one thing that hasn't been nice is the flea situation. There's always a Spring outbreak but it seems worse than usual this year. In the yard, in the house, spraying and dusting is an absolute necessity. Even though I hate to spread chemicals around. Having dogs here, next door, in the neighborhood, doesn't help.

Speaking of dogs, we have puppies on Peanut Road. I call them Lab-Lollies as they are half-Labrador, half-Collie. Yes, I didn't have a chance to get Tucky to the vet before she met a tall dark stranger from up the road. So, five cute (but bound to get large) puppies to give away.

I wonder if I could sell more books if I gave away a puppy with each...or if I could get rid of more puppies if I gave away a book with each...

Anyway, four boys and a girl, two white (probably to end up black-and-white like their mom), three black and Lab-ish (though one boy has a white star on his chest). They're just over two weeks old now, give them a month and they'll be ready to go out the door... so take advantage of this Special Giveaway!

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