Friday, March 09, 2012

Springing Forward (and Trying Not to Fall Back)

Once again going into Daylight Savings Time (too early again, also) and once again I'll complain about this pointless relic of an age when people worked regular shifts down at the factory. It just does not serve a purpose anymore. We'd do much better to consolidate our time zones in this country, say put all the continental states on what is now Central Time.

* * *

I've been housekeeping my online presence a tad. Finally just gave up on my accounts at Lycos and Excite -- two of the oldest email addresses I'd maintained but increasingly difficult to use. I'd been moving anything important elsewhere anyway. Also shut down both of the free websites (Tripod and Angelfire) I had maintained (but not really used in a long time) at Lycos.

Tried out Tumblr and found it pretty useless for me. Been there, left there, won't go back there. Closed my website (Cup Bearer) at Google too but I may be working up something different there in time. Really though, with Blogger getting so site-like (with pages and all, just like WordPress), Google Sites are a bit redundant.

My online time has kind of dropped off anyway, as of late. I've come out of hibernation and am spending more time in the 'real world.' At least until it gets too hot...that may happen pretty quickly around here! I can see the dry season will be coming soon too and I'll be out watering for an hour (or more) every day. Let's hope it doesn't extend through the entire summer like last year.

* * *

I'm attempting not to do business with (or give business to) any company that is a member of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council -- if you don't know what it is, check Google or Wikipedia). It's not easy, as many of the biggest and widest reaching corporations belong and help write what some would deem 'conservative' legislation. I just call it bad legislation.

Walmart and Amazon are easy. I was already boycotting them. AT&T, Citi, Bank of America...those are more difficult. Microsoft is one of them so buy Apple (or better yet, Linux). But if you must have Windows, don't get it from Dell.

All three of the big American auto makers are members but I guess I'll keep driving my 18 year old Ford. Won't drink Busch or Coors beer, however (not that I ever did). Nor Coke nor Pepsi.

I'll have stuff delivered via the US Post Office, not FedEx, not UPS, when possible. And so on. For a list of members, go here:

No doubt, many of these companies have no agenda; they are simply there as part of the business community. But the organization is being controlled by right-wingers who are going far beyond 'business-friendly' legislation. We need to let them and their elected lackeys know that we do not approve, with both our votes  and our wallets. A few letters wouldn't hurt either.

But most importantly, more people need to know about this organization and how it is controlling so many of our elected legislators.

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