Wednesday, March 21, 2012

That Summer, a poem


That summer of seduction,
we were young and in love
with ourselves, with

the lovers we had become.
We followed a script we would write,
scene by scene, each day.

There was nothing new
in that story, yet
each cliche held wonder

for us, a discovery
of us as we would dream
we were. And so we were,

for a season, a summer
we filled our eyes with stars
and the night sky whispered

fresh lines for our play.
We learned them well, you and I,
eager to speak them, eager

to play the roles we'd chosen,
to be young lovers, all
that summer of seduction.

Stephen Brooke ©2012

More verse in a somewhat Romanticky vein, though blank this time. Accentual, three stresses to the line. Rather quickly dashed off this morning so certainly subject to revision down the line; the phrase 'summer of seduction,' however, sat in my notes for years waiting its chance.

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