Saturday, March 17, 2012

Who Would Be a King? a song lyric


Time to abdicate,
time to leave this throne;
spend my waning days
down at the old kings' home.
Mob outside my window,
calling for my head;
calling me to answer
for every word I said.

Here I hold my crown;
let me cast it down.
See who picks it up,
who drinks from my cup.
What man seeks to rule;
who is such a fool?
Who would be a king?
Who would be a king?

I've been my own master
as I've been my own slave.
You may call me a tyrant;
I took less than I gave.
Time to end this task,
abandon this, my realm;
let another dupe
rise to take the helm.

Here I hold...

Time to abdicate,
time to leave this throne;
call it destiny,
the fault was still my own.
Passing into exile,
no more I can say;
smile and wave to the crowd
as I ride away.

Stephen Brooke ©2012

Yet another song lyric. I'm getting a backlog again and not finding time to work up the music (though there is always some in my head when I write something such as this).

Being a king is, of course, a metaphor. A metaphor for what? Why, whatever you want it to be!
I do use the king metaphor quite a bit, don't I? Delusions of grandeur? :)

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