Sunday, April 01, 2012

Fulltime Fool

I don't save it just for April, you know! Not a whole lot of interest going on (once again or still or whatever). The puppies will be three weeks old tonight and are starting to nibble some solid food -- I do up a soft scrambled egg with mushed up dog food for them right now but they'll graduate to store-bought puppy food this week. I have to convince Tucky the food is for her babies and not her. She wants to gobble it down (always hungry what with nursing and all)!

I'm having someone come to look at taking down the tree this week. Just the monster red oak that overhangs the house, probably, though if it is affordable I might remove a couple others. Then I'll have to see if I can allot some money to house repair. I'll have a small amount extra starting in a couple months as I have signed up for my Social Security benefits. Pretty tiny at age 62 and with my earnings record but I might as well get it while I can and I can still make a fair amount off art or whatever. A good bit more than I'm making now before I need to worry about giving any back.

Speaking of art (ah, yet another smooth segue), I put up a slide show of some of my designs at my site. Not everything I have at the Emporium is displayed but what I skipped are essentially just variations on these ones. The address is:

A very simple little html-based show that I created in OpenOffice Impress, which is their Power Point imitation. I may go to something more sophisticated someday but this works.

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