Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Heart Is a Dove

Another design for the Emporium, probably on cards and posters and such; it's not really suited to a tee-shirt, I'd think. This is probably the finished version (lower rez and smaller size here).

* * *

I've been making headway on my spring cleaning. The music room/recording studio is getting there and I may actually be able to work some soon. When I tried cranking up my dedicated recording computer, however, it wouldn't start.

The problem? Definitely a dead battery, a simple do-it-yourself fix that costs only a few dollars. It MIGHT come back to life if I leave it plugged in a couple days and recharge. The computer sat unplugged all winter and that is why the battery is drained.

However, it's also pretty old so chances are it needs replacing. My music PC runs Vista but I've optimized it somewhat for recording so I'm okay with that OS. And it has all the connections and drives and such I need. This Windows 7 computer on which I am typing (and use for most of my graphics and writing) is abysmal for recording work. Playing as few as five tracks simultaneously will grind it to a halt. Even graphics programs can run pretty slowly on it.

* * *

I occasionally look at decent digital cameras and consider laying out some money for one. There is a cheapo here that I use now and again but it's not that great (and eats batteries).

Really, I prefer to use my trusty Minolta 35mm. And I intend to do so more frequently. One hold up has been finding a place to process the film -- no one local does that anymore. So I'm going to try the old mailer method of getting them done.

I do need to get some good pictures taken of art work, both mine and my mother's. I'm intending to put out an art book of her 'life's work' when I can. That would be mostly for the family.

* * *

There are plenty of flowers and such to photograph right now. I have lots of Tickseed (native Coreopsis) growing along the fence and the road. I've tried transplanting a few to my own garden and will try to remember to gather some seed later on. Yes, the seeds look like little ticks.

My beds (and miscellaneous spots in the yard) are overflowing with volunteer petunias. Amarylis is blooming, that darn invasive honeysuckle is sweetening the air. The hibiscus is growing well as are all the peach trees I set out. Now when I get the oak taken down I'll have a new large area where I can plant. But considering the time of year, tree transplanting will most likely wait till fall.

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