Monday, April 16, 2012


The latest design for the Emporium uses a Benjamin Franklin proverb from Poor Richard's Almanac. Those are supposed to be basil and sage* leaves, by the way.

Not uploaded yet nor, for that matter, is the 'Dove' graphic I last posted here. I've been trying to get it up for two weeks but between my lousy connection and Cafe Press' buggy interface, I've had no luck. I wish they would let me use FTP.

*That's a correction. For some reason I wrote 'thyme' originally.

* * *

One puppy spoken for, four to go. They should be ready to go out the door this weekend, at six weeks of age. I'd just as soon get all of them into new homes though I would be willing to keep one myself. Maybe.

I have my first real crop of mulberries from the largest tree, which had like three or four fruit on it last year. The berries are quite small this year but I assume they will achieve more size as the tree matures. And soon all the other mulberry trees should start bearing too.

The niece, 'Mean Mary' James -- and probably my sister as well -- will be back in Florida in a week and a half for a couple gigs. One down near Mayo and then at the Mockingbird Cafe in Tallahassee. Although I can't get out to those events myself, I do expect at least a brief visit here.

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