Friday, April 06, 2012

Puppies and PCs

The puppies are almost four weeks old and have been hitting the solid food for a week now. They grow up so fast!

Want to take one of us home?

Molly had to pose. Cats are like that.

* * *

I got the recording computer back into operation after some frustration. I ended up having to reseat my memory cards so it's anybody's guess as to whether the battery also needed to be changed. But hey, it's a two-dollar replacement and should be good for another seven years or so.

Incidentally, it seems extremely likely that my 'office' computer (the newer Windows 7 machine) is so poor at audio recording because of its slow and mediocre hard drive (a Western Digital 'Caviar Green' model). 5400 RPM does not really cut it and other performance figures are not very good (especially read/write). The only actual advantage it has is that it's rather quiet. Faster drives do tend to be noisier.

I could hook up a faster external (or internal, for that matter) drive but it doesn't matter that much. The computer is fine for most uses, getting online, writing, and mostly adequate for working with graphics (though it can be slow).

The recording computer, by the way, has a proper 7200 RPM drive in it.

Now I'll need to find some time to actually use it.

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