Monday, April 30, 2012


The best laid plans can indeed run into difficulties. For example, my hopes that my latest book – whatever that might have chanced to be – would be out by the end of the first quarter of 2012, the first day of April.

It seems I was an April Fool. However, there will be a new title officially released tomorrow, May 1, from Arachis Press. Who knows, I may yet meet my goal of publishing four new titles this year, even if the first was a month late.

That doesn’t really matter, of course. New material will come out when it’s ready. In the mean time, there is a great deal else going on in my life that requires my attention.

So, the book: that would be ‘The Contrary Fairy,’ ostensibly a beginners’ chapter book. About 4000 words, spread over 11 chapters and forty pages, with 18 black and white illustrations. The pictures are all mine, naturally, and I think them adequate, considering I don’t really believe I’m that great an illustrator.

‘Fairy’ is available, as are all my titles, through The Arachis Press ( and Retail price for the paperback is 6.99; the PDF runs 1.99. I have eschewed an EPUB version for this book as it is not well suited to products for small children.

What comes next? Much of that depends on how my life goes, my time spent as a caregiver, my projects in music, and so on. There will be more writing, more illustrating, more books. Just maybe not on schedule.

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