Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Florida Folk Fest 2012

The Florida Folk Festival is once more being held this weekend, the 60th edition. And, once again, my duties as a caregiver means I will not be able to make it over to White Springs. It looks like a very hot weekend, though it usually gets pretty warm in Florida by Memorial Day. The forecast for here on Peanut Road says 99 degrees on Saturday!

There will be plenty of entertaining acts at the festival this year including, naturally, my talented niece 'Mean Mary' James. Mary's schedule:

Friday 1:30 at the Heritage Stage. Plenty of room to dance if you've a mind to

Saturday 12:30 at the Song and Story Stage. Not exactly the coolest spot for the middle of a hot day! Mary is preceded by that other banjo-playing Mary, Mary Z Cox, and followed by Jubal's Kin -- someone was thinking when they made up that program.

Sunday 5:00 at the Old Marble Stage. Which sounds like a bad time until one sees the acts surrounding her slot. Plunking oneself down at the Old Marble wouldn't be a bad way at all to end the festival.

Enjoy, all you fortunates who are going to be there!

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