Monday, May 07, 2012


I received my ‘proof’ copy of ‘The Contrary Fairy’ by today’s mail and it looks quite decent. I’m satisfied with the book and the printing, so it remains on sale at our ‘spotlight’ store at Lulu (

I’ll eventually order more copies so I can sell directly (I have my other titles on hand in various quantities, if anyone is interested). Until I can travel, that’s not really important and I am concentrating on the poetry books, anyway – those are the ones I would be likely to unload at readings or such.

When I shopped ‘Fairy’ around to traditional publishers a while back, the typical response was ‘we like it but it’s not suited to today’s market.’ In other words, people weren’t buying their children stories about fairies.

I do think that was as much a bit of institutional bias against this sort of book as anything else. Realism was big a few years ago. That fashion may have changed by now but that doesn’t matter, as I’ve chosen to go indie.

It’s also true that publishers prefer a ‘package’ on illustrated children’s books, with the artist already on board and samples of the finished work available. This is much like the music industry these days, where no one is willing to ‘develop’ artists anymore but want radio-ready product before they will sign an act.

Of course, traditional publishers have to sell thousands of copies of a title to make it worth their while. They must do so in a fairly short time, as well, so books don’t pile up in storage. An indie publisher working with the POD concept need only sell a copy now and then. A title may sell ‘forever’ on line.

That’s no reason not to buy it right now, however!

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